How to Grow Suren Starlings

Jalak Seren is one of the original Indonesian birds known for its elegance and independence. Having distinctive black and white feathers, makes this bird a higher selling point. This is what makes the starling suren cultivation increasingly in demand, but not all business people cultivating this bird species can succeed, many of them experience failure due to the way their livestock are not right.
The specialty of Jalak Suren
Starlings suren scattered throughout the territory of Indonesia, but because the habitat is getting damaged, now the population of starlings suren decreasing. This is what makes some people choose cultivation of starlings suren, rather than having to catch starlings suren in their natural habitat. Of the many types of starlings, starch suren is indeed more cultivated, this is because starch suren has a benign characteristic, and is easy to adapt compared to other starlings. In addition, the demand for starlings suren in the market is also quite high, because of the softness of the sound, which in addition to enlivening the atmosphere of the house, can also provoke other birds to sing. No wonder we often find this type of starling in the arena of competition.
How to Cultivate Sury Jalak
The method of starch suren cultivation is basically not much different from other bird cultivation in general. Some of the steps you need to do to breed suren starlings include choosing a starling suren parent, making captive cages of the right size and temperature for starlings suren, marrying starch suren broods, feeding enough and doing proper treatment for starlings, namely by separating the saplings from their mothers after 1 mingu hatch, placing them in the incubator separately from the other puppies, and giving the right feed mixed with mashed until the starlings can feed themselves.
The above method, besides being applied to the cultivation of starlings, can also be applied to the cultivation of other starlings. However, to get starlings suren with the best quality, of course some tricks are needed in the maintenance of starlings.
Tips for Cultivating Sury Jalak
There are a few tips that you can do to increase starch suren cultivation, the first is to choose broodstock, choose broods that are 1-2 years old, and choose a tame and active broodstock, then prepare the right cage, the cage must be comfortable, with ground floor , without plaster both for the floor and the wall, with a size of 2mx1m. for maintenance, give enough and quality feed such as fruit, kroto, worms, caterpillars or insects. And the last one to train starlings in singing, you can do this by using the gacor master. So a little review from us, hopefully inspiring ...
Description: Cultivation of starch suren is actually almost the same as the cultivation of other types of birds, which in addition requires proper maintenance techniques, also requires diligence in maintenance.

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