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Understanding Health Overall, Both Physical and Mental

Understanding health is sejahteranya a person in terms of body or physical, mental, and social so that he can live with prosperous both in the social environment and economically. From the general sense of health is called healthy people, not only from the physical course but also must be mentally. People whose thoughts are still not open, think that health is related to illness or not, when it is wrong.
Although someone from his physical looks healthy, but not necessarily mentally equally healthy. In this case mentally ill people are not just crazy, because there are so many mental disorders that can be experienced by anyone. This thorough understanding of health is still not considered by the parents and the community, so assume that people who are mentally ill must be crazy. In fact, the case of mental illness prevalensinya only a few percent, while other types of mental disorders are still very diverse, so if we stress our hair will easily fall out and broken. To keep from falling out and broken or even can cause our bald barus nursing head hair naturally.
Understanding Body Health and How To Guard It
As already noted above that the notion of health includes not only physical health but also mental or psychological health. The first will be discussed about the health of the body first. Compared to mental health, the health of the body is most easily seen and identified, because from the outside it can be predicted whether someone is sick or healthy. There are also tools to detect a person's illness, such as stethoscopes, radiology, CT Scan, and many others.
Understanding the health of the body should not only be understood but practiced in everyday life, because there is a motto mensana in corporesano, which means that in a healthy body there is a strong soul. Thus, the motto indicates that a healthy body of his soul will also be strong. There are also many cases of physical illness caused by stress and stressful thoughts, so between body and mental health turn out to be related to one another.
How to maintain a healthy body to create a real body health understanding is to implement a healthy and orderly life. Healthy living should start small, right now, and from yourself. Whatever we eat will greatly affect our bodies, since our digestible juices will be channeled into the body through the bloodstream, so choosing foods should be healthy refers to the real sense of health.
Then, how healthy food is it? Healthy foods are those that do not contain preservatives, try to always consume natural foods. Expand the fruits and vegetables for the menus each day. This will create a health understanding correctly. Fruits contain many vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body. Consume vitamins must be from the original fruit, either eaten directly or made juice, and will be even better if the fruit is organic, planted with organic fertilizers.
Consuming vitamins directly from the fruit is more advisable than taking dietary supplements, because the natural will not bring the side effects. Cooking green vegetables should not be too long because it will remove vitamins and iron substances. Then the indicator of good health understanding of the next body is to reduce the fried. This is to prevent bad cholesterol nesting in your body. In addition, pouring fried foods will also be a good way of dieting. Stay away from fast food, otherwise approach fresh food.

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How to Maintain Mental Health
Understanding mental health is a person's success seen from his relationship with himself and others so he will live everyday life with passion. Understanding of health includes a person who is confident and can control emotions, because mental also can experience interference. Some of the most common mental disorders experienced by people around the world are anxiety disorders, panic disorders, mood disorders so that emotions can rise up dramatically, bipolar, schizophrenia commonly known as madness, and some other mental illness. A person who suffers from mental disorders is not a shame, because the sick is not only the body but also mental. Even the world's artists, their world singers are not ashamed to admit to having a bipolar mental disorder and they want to get well.
Small things like panic easily and easily anxious will be a big problem if not addressed properly. Indeed, panic and anxiety are needed so that one can ward off problems and anticipate bad things, but if the intensity is very high and often. Even to make no sense worrying something that does not make sense then this is classified as a disturbance and must be addressed immediately. Mental illness can be controlled with psychotherapy, pharmacology, spiritual, and exercise of breathing exercises and calming exercises such as yoga.
Well, that was a description of the understanding of health, both body and mental health. May be useful.
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