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Natural Herbal Slimming Remedy

or some people both men and women they always want to look slim and sterek. However, how to slim body without having to torture themselves with diet? The answer is herbal slimming drug. This drug has powerful properties to lose weight naturally. There is a safer way than taking herbal medicine on the market. How to? The following will be discussed about some ways of concocting a natural herbal medicine. Herbal slimming drug without side effects are now widely sold in the market.
The Miracle Potion from Nature to Slimming Your Body
Slimming drugs are sold in the market is powerful slimming your body. However, are you still going to wear it to slim quickly and willing to bear the side effects? No one knows how the side effects of the other side of the way a drug works. Here you can find out how to make a natural herbal slimming drug that is 100% natural with no side effects. This natural remedy uses ingredients from nature and is made in a traditional, easy, simple way.
The first natural herbal slimming drug is lemon. Who does not know lime. Lime, in addition to rich in vitamin C was also effective in terms of losing weight. First, prepare a teaspoon of tea (can be tea tubruk or tea fiber that is on teabag), 1 fruit lemon, a glass of boiling hot water. For how to make lime cut into pieces then take the water. Add the lime juice to tea with hot water. Then, you can drink this herb regularly every morning and evening to get maximum results. In addition to this lime diet can also be useful for Eliminate Body Odor.
The second natural slimming drug is a pomegranate. You know pomegranates? Yes this pomegranate is synonymous with sour taste. Although the fruit is small, it turns out this pomegranate contains efficacious efficacy for your body slimming. To make it, prepare pomegranates (2 pieces of fruit), 3 tablespoons of boiled water and salt. How to manufacture is to pound the pomegranate until smooth, then add boiled water as much as three tablespoons. Stir until evenly distributed and last filter the ingredients. You can regularly drink it 2 times a day.
The next herbal slimming drug is mengkudu. Noni fruit or pace trusted since ancient times about the usefulness of a very good for health. This fruit was able to streamline the body. To make it, provide the fruit mengkudu / pace, bangle, yellow leaves, lempuyang. How to make that is, cut into pieces mengkudu fruit, Tumbuklah with all ingredients, Once pounded, you can add a little java sugar for acid taste bidder. You should add hot boiled water to the mashed ingredients. Drink regularly so you can feel the maximum benefits. You want to be slim right?
The next herbal slimming drug that is pare or vegetable pare. It is bitter, but powerful slimming. Some say if the pare is also able to improve and maintain one's intelligence. Therefore, it is very good if you consume a routine of pare to educate the brain. Making a slimming concoction of the pare is not difficult, provide a few pieces of pare and honey to taste. How to make it easy enough, wash first pieces of pare until clean and cut into pieces. Mash the pare until smooth and add honey. Stir until evenly distributed. Drink the mixture in the morning and evening before bed.

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Herbal Plants Ingan-ingan
Medicinal herbal slimming drug herbal ingan-ingan. How to meramunya quite easy, just provide herbal plants ingan-ingan, wash clean. 2 to 3 glasses of water. How to make that is, boil the herbs ingan-ingan with the water earlier. Boil until boiling. Furthermore, you can take these herbal medicines in the afternoon or morning regularly to be slim.
Leaves Sembung
The next herbal slimming drug is made from the main ingredient of the leaves sembung. Provide a leaf of sembung to taste with 5 glasses of water. Boil the leaf sheets together with 5 glasses of water, afterwards drink regularly. You can add a little sugar to the sweet taste of the basil leaves.
The next herbal slimming drugs are classified as herbs made from rosella flower petals. Prepare rosella petals as many as 3-5 dried rosella flower petals and 250 liters of water (hot water). Bring dried roselle petals to the water to boil it. Drink a tasty herb that tastes like this rosella tea regularly in order to slim quickly and naturally.
Well, that was the information about herbal slimming drug that you can make pen method Weight loss without side effects. Good luck.

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