There's a GatotKaca in Mobile Gimme Legends

Mobile Legends arrival of new characters from the local hero series, GatotKaca. This new hero character was created as an appreciation of Mobile Legends towards Indonesian culture, as well as introducing Indonesian culture to the world.

Fendy, Country Manager of Mobile Legends for Indonesia, reveals, the process of determining the new hero character through challenging stages, such as in-depth research and voting results from the players. Not only that, this legendary character is also made based on the results of cooperation with local cartoonist, Yuniarto.

"Especially for this GatotKaca hero character, we add voice over with sentences that are well known by the people of Indonesia, such as unity in diversity, no pain no gain, or om telolet om are popular here," said Ferdy in his statement Thursday 20/7/2017) in Jakarta.

The launch of this new hero character was introduced in a unique way, by doing cosplay flash-mob interesting place in Jakarta, such as shopping center, recreation area, and others. The goal is for people to easily recognize some of the hero characters that already exist in Mobile Legends, including GatotKaca.

"With such an introductory model, we hope the community can see directly the heroes of GatotKaca, as well as the exciting actions of the Mobile Legends heroes, and take photos together.As the slogan of the inauguration of GatotKaca's hero karaker hero Hero for Indonesia !, we want to be closer to Indonesian society, "Fendy concluded.

To note, Mobile Legends is a game application developed by Shanghai Moonton Technology Co. Ltd. This five-on-five concept game was launched in 2016 that can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

In this game the players can choose their favorite hero character, as well as enhance the ability and appearance of hero characters in Mobile Legends.

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