Stalking Gebetan, but Afraid to Unlucky Friends? Do It This Way

Some people use social media like Instagram as a "tool" to stalk others. This underground movement is often called the user with the nickname stalking.

The reason users stalking Instagram accounts of others because it is overwhelmed by curiosity or also love.

Stalking does not really need a hard way, because users do not need to follow the account of people who want to be peeped. To be sure, stalking someone else's Instagram account requires at least one condition: the person's account is not locked privately.

Well, specifically for you who want to anticipate the confidentiality of the identity of the person we are stalking, there is a way. Like what? The following tips as our summarize from the page Mashable, Friday (21/07/2017).

Clear Search History

The easiest step is to delete the track record of the person you are stalking in the search field. The trick, go to your Instagram profile. Tap the three dot icon in the top right corner to go to Options.

After going to Options, scroll down until you find the Clear Search History option, then tap the "Yes, I'm sure" option to delete all the account names you've searched for.

Hide Button feature

The Hide Button feature automatically removes the "saved" people's account in the search field. The trick is also easy, go to the search field and you will find a collection of Instagram accounts of people you often stalk.

Tap the Instagram account of the person you want to hide by holding it for a few seconds, after which the Hide option will appear. Tap the Hide option to hide it.

Eliminate Recommended Posts
Sometimes, if you are stalking an Instagram account, an upload that indirectly refers to it (or even a photo of the person we are stalking) suddenly appears in the recommendation column.

To avoid the suspicion of friends who accidentally "snoop" your Instagram recommendations column, you should remove the upload from the column.

The trick, go into the upload, then tap on the three dot icon in the top right corner, and select "See Fewer Posts Like This".

Easy is not it? Good luck...

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