These are the Culinary Attractions You Must Try in Bandung

When you are on vacation, it certainly will not be complete if you do not taste the local culinary specialties. Moreover, Indonesia is a country rich in culinary heritage with high taste, one that is quite famous is culinary in Bandung. Got the nickname paris van java, besides being a very attractive shopping and natural tourism destination. Bandung also has a variety of culinary tourism destinations. And on the occasion we will invite you to see the culinary places of Bandung that are favorite and famous for their taste.
10 Most Favorite Culinary Attractions in Bandung
1. Lembang Floating Market
As its name is unique, the characteristics of the Lembang floating market are also unique. Presented with the floating market concept like the one in Banjarmasin, in addition to offering high-flavored local culinary tours of the archipelago, this tourist area also presents attractive natural tourist attractions. With a traditional concept combined with modern facilities, a new tourist spot opened in 2012 this year quickly attracted the attention of tourists, becoming one of the most popular culinary destinations in Bandung. To enter the floating market area, you only need to pay an entrance ticket of Rp. 10,000 per person. In addition to culinary tourism you can also enjoy various outbound rides such as rabbit parks, goose gardens, rural Leuit villages complete with fruit and vegetable gardens, and can get around the lake on a rental boat.
2. Stick Broom
Sapu Lidi is a culinary tour that is one of the tourist magnets in Lembang. With the concept of a beautiful rural atmosphere complete with saung-saung on a mat surrounded by rice fields, the atmosphere of the meal is getting warmer and more enjoyable. Culinary tourism located on the street of Sergeant Bajuri Graha Puspa Lembang Complex presents various types of culinary, from Sundanese specialties, Indonesian to European food, served here. Hmmm is very interesting right?
3. Kampung Daun
Still in the Sergeant Bajuri Lembang area, with a not much different atmosphere, there is Kampung Daun culinary tourism which is very dear to you to miss. You will feel a very different atmosphere than you imagined, a cozy rural feel with a very thick traditional concept that you can feel since you set foot in Kampung Daun. The atmosphere is increasingly supported by a variety of typical archipelago dishes which are certainly very delicious on the tongue. Surely appetite will immediately increase. For those of you who want to enjoy a romantic atmosphere, you can visit Kampung Daun at night, good lighting, cool air and a supportive atmosphere can be a complete package for dinner with your partner.
4. Paskal Food market
Looking for cheap and comfortable places to eat in the city of Bandung? Paskal food market is the place. Dining place located at Paskal Hyper Square, Jl. Pasir Kaliki No. 25-27 Bandung is always crowded with visitors, because there are more than 100 food vendors from Bandung specialties, traditional Indonesian to international foods that you can enjoy. The visitors are also spoiled by the atmosphere of the concept of open space with cool air typical of Bandung, and more romantic at night with the decoration of torch lights arranged very beautifully. Because the price is very affordable starting from Rp. 10,000, Paskal food market is also a favorite place for young people to eat.
5. Rice Kalong
Culinary tourism that you must try next is rice bat. Yups as the name suggests, this culinary place is only open at night, which starts at 7pm at Jl. Martadinata bandung. For those of you who like to hunt for food at night, this place to eat can be a recommendation for you. Here you will be presented with a variety of side dishes with the characteristic black rice made from brown rice, kluwek, grated coconut and various other types of spices.
6. Rice Tutug Oncom
Another Sundanese food that you must try when visiting Bandung is nasi tutug Oncom. You may still be unfamiliar with this one food because it can only be found in Sundanese restaurants. You will get a mixture of rice with oncom plus side dishes complete with chili sauce and vegetables. To get it you can come to Sangrai Bandung which is located in front of Heritage FO.
7. Kupat Tahu Gempol
Kupat tahu Gempol is also one of the mainstay culinary in Bandung. even though some regions have adopted this food, of course it will be different if you enjoy it directly in the place of origin. As the name implies, you can get this food on Jl, gempol kulon No.53 Bandung. For its own location, a dining place that has been opened since 1975 is located on Jl. dago-Jl. Banda. But now you can also get it at the Kupat Tahu Gempol branch located in Dago, Setiabudi, and in the Gasibu field.

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