Tips For Working On A Person's Drawing Psychological Test

There are many psychological tests used to assess a person's characteristics, one of which is a psychological test drawing people. This type of test is the simplest test, this test, also known as DAP or Draw A Person, is one of the most commonly used tests in psychology assessment by asking test takers to draw humans. But it is not good or not the results of the images are assessed, but the visualization and characteristics of your hand scratches.
Purpose of Drawing People Psychological Tests
The psychological drawing test of people is a form of test developed by Machover in 1949 that has the main goal of measuring one's personality such as responsibility, resilience and work stability, self-confidence to a life view. Measuring speed in making decisions can also be seen from this test by looking at the integrity of the image, the symmetrical level of the image and the concept of the image. While a person's personality characteristics can be seen from the illustration of the image, the emphasis on the line, and the size of the image, the bigger you draw, the more dominant you will be.
Tips for Working on People's Psychological Tests
Given the results of the psychological test drawing people is very important to determine your graduation in getting a job, then you must prepare for this test by understanding the tricks and drawing tips that support your personality. The first tip is to adjust your image to the position of your desired job, and as realistic a human image as possible along with complete and intact limbs and senses. To show you have enough enthusiasm for the job, make sure your picture shows happiness that radiates from the face of the person you are drawing.
Make pictures proportionally not large or small to show you can work well together, and drawings according to orders with creativity as needed. And to get a good picture, then you can apply psychological test tips to draw people by practicing several times before the test. Hopefully you can get lucky and succeed in working on psychological test drawing people ...
Description: The psychological test of drawing people is a test commonly used to see the personality and characteristics of a person that is done to screen job applicants.
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