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Come, Intip High Blood Pressure Meal and Cholesterol

High cholesterol is one thing that is avoided by most people, especially those who have a weight above normal. This is because high cholesterol levels in the blood can cause various diseases that one of them is high blood. Therefore, many abstinence should be avoided so that the blood cholesterol levels do not soar, besides many things that are done to lower cholesterol levels so that blood pressure does not participate soar, which among others is to consume high blood-lowering foods and cholesterol, what are the foods can lower high blood pressure and cholesterol ??
High Blood Pressure Meals And Cholesterol
Basically the cause of high blood disease and cholesterol is almost the same one of which is influenced by food, so the way of treatment of high blood and cholesterol is almost the same. For people with hypertension and cholesterol in addition to avoiding fatty foods it is also advisable to consume foods lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol, which is a high-fiber foods such as wheat, oatmeal, brown rice, fruits and vegetables.
Around us there are also some high blood-lowering foods and cholesterol, which among others is the fruit mengkudu. In this noni fruit there are various nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and selenium which is an antioxidant with extraordinary levels. In addition to mengkudu, there is cinnamon that has a function to reduce blood sugar, triglycerides, and excessive bad cholesterol. both of these ingredients in addition to consumed and processed as a simple herb at home, has also been processed and made as the main ingredient of traditional herbal medicine, given the benefits and benefits are very unusual for the body.
One of the traditional herbs that mixed the two types of plants is JAMKHO, the two types of plants are mixed with other natural ingredients to produce herbs that are very effective to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, you can consume herbal medicine with blood pressure lowering food and cholesterol to speed healing.
Description: High blood-lowering foods and cholesterol are foods high in fiber, fruits and vegetables. Which in addition can lower blood pressure and cholesterol is also good for maintaining endurance.

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