With this one article, you will be more clear, about the left and right brain. Also, there is a task for you after you finish reading this article, I do not ask for anything, all you need to do is you judge yourself.
Computers have a processor, while humans have a brain. The human brain comprises more than 100 billion nerves each associated with 10 thousand other nerves. The brain is the vital organ which is the central control of the central nervous system.
Hemispheres of the human brain (selebrum) can be divided into hemispheres of the left brain and right hemisphere. Both are limited with longitudinal slits. Both hemispheres of this brain have different functions. And the dominant right or left brain is very determine the character of a person. Both halves are cross-functional, that is. If a person dominates the right brain, the strength of his limb is the right and active with the left / left-handed body. Conversely, if a person is dominant left brain, then the strength of his body is on the right, and active with the right body part.
Right Brain Function and Left Brain
The right brain functions in the development of emotional intelligence or emotional quotient (EQ). For example emotional control and socialization, communication, interaction with other human beings. Intuitive ability, ability to feel, combine, and body expression, such as singing, dancing, and painting are also the ability to use the right brain function.
While the left brain functions in matters relating to logic, ratio, the ability to write and read, math skills also use this left brain. Overall can be in the left brain is the intelligence quotient control (IQ) yitu intelligence associated with learning. Brain memory of this part is also short-term.
Right brain or brain kirikah you?
After reading my description try to determine, are you dominant right brain or left brain dominant? Right and left brain have different functions, both have their respective advantages. However, according to experts, most people in the world live by relying more on their left brain.
The left-brain users are generally more powerful in mathematics. Because the brain is cross-functional, it tends to have a sharper right ear, its right leg and arm are also stronger than the left hand and foot. Vice versa with right-brain users. Now, your left brain or is it you?

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If two people with different left and right brain dominance (one dominant right brain and one other dominant left hemisphere) are given in some cases, people with right brain dominance will begin to work without going through manual instruction. While individuals with left brain dominance will do it through the manual, understand the concept, and then handle the case. The person with the right brain dominance may be quicker to settle such cases, as he moves directly. But maybe he was too old, because his actions seemed less mature, careless, ahirnya failed, and he tried another way. Up here whether you can determine the dominant of your brain, left brain or you right?
Ok, one more. There is an easy way to know someone using the side of the brain which is more dominant that is by peeking from the layout of the work room or simply look at his desk. If a dominant person uses the right brain, he is accustomed to putting things in a messy and messy manner, though he knows exactly where the items are being searched and what he is doing. Because, those who use more right brain, the process of thinking parallel, while the left hemisphere way of thinking serial. Well if there are people messy rooms and if looking for confused stuff where he laid, left brain or is he right? Obviously, he is the type of person who can not use his left and right brain functions to the fullest.
Right or kirikah your brain dominance? If you have not been able to determine, please repeat read a bit to the top.


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