Remember Life Is Not as Easy as You Imagine

Rani had been paying so much attention to Nina, her new classmate in high school. They came from different junior high schools, and both did not know each other after sitting in high school a few months ago. Both Rani and Nina, both feel lucky and happy to meet and get to know each other at the school.

Nina is so smart, with learning skills that can be said above average. He can always follow all the lessons easily, understand and respond quickly. Nina is smart in learning, not just on one subject, but Nina excels in all the subjects in her class. This is what makes Rani surprised, even though she is actually a smart child and always get ranked in her junior high. But while studying in the same class as Nina, Rani seemed not to move with Nina's presence there, even though his friend's attitude was not really arrogant let alone pretentious.

Nina can also communicate and get along well with everyone, not just her friends, even her teachers as well. His attitude is so sweet and sincere, that everyone is happy with him, even Rani too. Not only smart and friendly, Nina also has a sweet and cheap smile, so he was so liked by his friends.

At first, Rani was so happy to get to know and get close to Nina, because that one kid was very friendly and friendly. However, over time Rani's attitude began to change, he began to see Nina as a threat, be it for his achievements as well as for his existence in school. Rani began to change and a little quiet to his friend, even occasionally he avoided when they will pass in the classroom. Instead of moving away, Nina more often approached Rani and acted as usual. This certainly makes Rani more clumsy, because little by little he began to hate this one friend.

Hard work is visible

Rani feels Nina's life is so easy and fun, even though Nina looks relaxed while studying in class, Nina can still do all the questions and answer the teacher questions easily. Everything seemed so easy for Nina, even easy on Rani's. This thought inhabited Rani's heart for some time, until finally one day he visited his friend's house.

It's been 2 days Nina was sick and did not go to school, until finally Rani and some friends and guardian class decided to visit her at home. This is the first time Rani went to Nina's house, it was quite far away and had to pass through the narrow alleys at the end of the village. About 10 kilometers, Nina rides her bicycle every day to school. His teacher who also lived in the area knew and knew Nina's parents who turned out to be just a garbage collector around the compound where his teacher lived. Nina entered the same high school as Rani on the recommendation of the teacher to the owner of the foundation so she was given the opportunity to take the test and get a scholarship. Not only because just know it, but because Nina always achievement since sitting in elementary school.

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Rani arrived in the courtyard of a clean and tidy house, complete with a jar of bottles of drinks that have been planted with colorful flowers. The building is so simple, the breadth is not even more than 6 × 5 meters. Nina sat in front holding her textbook, a little startled at the arrival of her classmates and friends. Several piles of books lined up beside her, seemingly all used books, probably collected by her dad when collecting garbage.

Rani hardly believes, it turns out his sick friend is studying their math book in chapter 16 and it's the last chapter in first grade. While at school, they even just entered the 7th chapter last week. Nina had studied most of the contents of the math book at home, complete with discussion of the problem. Rani is ashamed of herself and her attitude all along, because Nina's achievements have been derived from her hard work she never showed.

This is just a fictional story, but from this story we can draw a conclusion. What we see easy against others is not necessarily as easy as we imagine. Because whatever we want to achieve the need for a business, a hard work. and remember that life is not as easy as you think.

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