How To Improve Your Brain Work Function

Improving the function of the brain is an action that must be done by everyone, both improve the work function of the right brain and left brain. The brain has a role or function that is very useful for human life. Because all the activities that will or when humans are sourced from the brain.
Indeed, the brain is not a body organ that helps humans to live, like the heart and lungs, but the role and function of this brain can exceed other organs. Without manausia having the brain, man will not be able to survive, move, think and surely be just like animals. Surely you have heard, if the fools are called sensible animals, eg buffalo, boars, and others, this is because the fools never try to improve the functioning of their brains by doing the exercises or learning.
You need to know, the human brain is only a lump of meat that is headed humans with an average weight of 1400 gr, but can control, control and move all the activities of human beings. Maybe you will think, why there are people who have a high intelligence and some are not smart.
Human intelligence that comes from the brain, not a big problem the small size of the brain that is on the human head. However, the intelligence that humans possess is sourced at the level of exercise and effort that you do to improve the intelligence or function of your brain, and can also be due to the education factor or how to care that you do while caring for your child. If you always do the exercises and educate your child as well as possible, then you and your child can be a smart man.
Here's how to improve the functioning of your brain work:
Keep your Mind Active
Do activities that use the ability of the brain, this sngat help your memory to be the best. Some activities include filling crossword puzzles, playing chess, memorizing, and following the news of political developments, very good for practicing memory and sharpening the ability of the brain.
Get enough sleep every day
In addition to a good night's sleep, napping or just lying down during the day is very helpful brain back fresh. Get used to take a nap or just lay down 20 minutes. Lack of sleep can cause some problems, such as: the ability of the brain decreased, irritable, angry for no apparent reason, difficult to control appetite and so forth.
Always relax and relax.
Stress, anxiety, anxiety, anger and all negative feelings make someone more forgetful.
Eat the right foods and drinks
You need to consume food in need of brain, to function better. This food is very good for your memory and brain: Fish, Banana, Wheat Bread, Beans and other beans, Heart, Fruit Berries, Eggs, Chocolate, Chicken, Broccoli, Avocado, Spinach, Rapeseed Oil, Seafood. In addition, fruits and vegetables are also very good for the brain.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle and diligent exercise
Exercise is very good for our physical and brain. The plaque that accumulates in our blood cells causes the flow of nutrients to the brain to be inhibited and by exercising can reduce the plaque so that our brains stay healthy. It would be nice to prevent it before it happens. High cholesterol, high blood pressure and other illnesses have a negative impact on your memory.
Use what you remember and what you learn to socialize. Something that we remember can just disappear because there is no effort or action that retains our memory. By socializing manifest mutual need between yourself with the community, so indirectly you are a must to keep in mind.
Recognize the signs of your Depression.
Adults who are depressed are at risk of becoming confused and forgetful. If you think you can become depressed, seek professional help as soon as possible.
Avoid injuries that can result in memory loss.
Take care of your safety, get used to wearing a helmet while riding a bike, wearing a seat belt while driving, choose a safer place when using public transport, for example in the middle, careful neighborhood and home if there are places that are at risk to make you fall, and so forth.

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Stay away from alcohol or drugs.
If you like to use alcohol or drugs, it can lead to memory loss even very bad for health.
Teaching others about something we already know can also improve the memory of our brains because indirectly we also repeat it, even can memorized by heart.
Hobbies and activities that sharpen the brain.
Use free time to fill crosswords, play chess, games that require thought and strategy, you can use to improve memory. When you have finished reading a book or a magazine article, make a summary, at least tell me what you have read to people close to you. The more often you train the brain, the stronger your brain's performance
The above ways you can do to optimize the function of your brain work optimally, but if you are still difficult to improve the function of your brain work, then use brain brain wave brainwashing therapy to help you. By using these brain booster therapies, you can easily optimize the functioning of your brain, keeping track of your healthy lifestyle and routine therapy, and you will benefit greatly.

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